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Walnut Hill Rec Center

The Randall Ross Tennis Academy (RRT) provides a complete program of tennis training activities including T-REPS for Schools and training on the TopSpin Factory.

T-REPS (Tennis-Repetition, Experimentation, Play, Success)  is our On-Campus tennis program (no court required). T-REPS for schools is a highly effective exercise and training program for children and adults ages 2 to 80.

The Topspin Factory is an enclosed pavilion with sports netting and features a specialized ball machine and proprietary ball collection device.  Balls are delivered in a convenient rhythmic fashion and because balls return to a collection device, students can expect to hit many balls in a short period of time (approximately 600 to 900 balls in 30 minutes).  Repetition is the key to muscle memory.

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Randall Ross Tennis
Walnut Hill Rec Center
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T-REPS for Schools

PK-5th Grades
On-campus, no court required

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Tennis Program
Tots, Kids, Adults
Tom Thumb Tennis Club

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Rosewood Academy Pre-School Program

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