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TREPS for Business is an inovative on-campus tennis training and exercise program for companies who promote employee wellness in the workplace.  The program combines the use of our patent pending TopSpin Factory, a 12'X36' hitting alley and a training stations to develop muscle memory for body movements related to tennis.

We utilize self-learning, private instruction, and organized play to create a highly effective learning environment that students can complete before or after work, on breaks, and on weekends.  TREPs gets employees moving during the day while learning a sport that will improve their overall health, activity level, and social calandar for a lifetime.  Learning tennis in the past has been difficult.  TREPS make learning easy, enjoyable, and fast.  TREPS success is based on the students completion of a high volume of body movement repetitions that create muscle memory and muscle strength for tennis.  Our stations approach gives  students the opportunity to work on tennis critical body movements without the pressure associated with getting the ball over the net and in the court.  Eliminating the tennis court removes a distraction that makes learning new body movements easier. Students get additional repetitions hitting up to 400 live balls in 20 minutes in the TopSpin Factory.

To test their skills and experience real tennis, T-REPS includes an optional "Every Saturday tennis event at local tennis courts.  Activities include drills, open play and competitions.  Our goal is to teach tennis, have fun, and create an active tennis community at work.
T-REPS for Business
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