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T-REPS School Program 

Tennis program for PK & Elementary Schools (no court required)

Recent changes to tennis rules and equipment for children under the age of 10 have given us the opportunity to develop T-REPS Tennis Program for Elementary Schools (no tennis court required). T-REPS Tennis is a revolutionary program for young to very young children offered at the school level.  It combines the newly adopted “Under 10 Tennis” developed by the USTA and our patent pending hitting alley, the TopSpin Factory. We are also using a unique “Stations” approach that gives children the opportunity develop  coordination skills required for tennis.  T-REPS is a totally new approach to teaching children tennis and is highly effective.

Beyond tennis training our goal is to create a complete tennis community at school where children thrive through achievement, personal development and social interaction. We build our community by developing tennis related activities, events, teams, and a weekend program at real tennis courts.

T-REPS  is easy to implement at  school. Because T-REPS does not require a court, we have great flexibility in solving logistics issues and scheduling conflicts.  We can use an outdoor or indoor basketball court or any flat surfact indoors or out.  The video above will give you a good overview of the program in action.

For more information contact Randall directly at 214-542-7981 or email to randall@learntennisfast.net.