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TopSpin Factory training is a tremendous improvement over traditional on-court methods where students attempt to learn stroke production and ball hitting.   In reality, hitting with topspin is the only way to play advanced tennis and is difficult to learn using traditional on-court training methods.  When students are taught topspin on a traditional court almost of the balls the student hits land in the net.  Students become frustrated so instructors typically start students learning a flat swing in order to give the student an opportunity to get the ball over the net.  To keep the ball in the court, instructors teach students to shorten or slowdown their swing.  This causes students to develop a truncated "poking" type swing that allows them to hit over the net and, at the same time, keep the ball in the court.   Also, the racquet face is prone to opening on a flat swing producing balls that fly out of the court.  When practicing with a partner,  a typical ralley ends in one or two hits making it difficult to deve lop "rhythmic repetition" required for learning and muscle memory.  Beginning and intermediate players actually develop muscle memory for the wrong stroke on a traditional court which makes learning topspin very difficult and years to accomplish.
The RRTA approach makes learning tennis much faster and more enjoyable for the student.  Because the student is not faced with getting the ball over the net and keeping it in the court, the TopSpin Factory experience is more condusive to learning topspin and allows the student to swing freely, completely, and with authority - the only way to produce topspin.  And, at a delivery rate of 30 balls per minute (900 in 30 minutes), students can develop muscle memory in a very short time.

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