Rosewood Academy Tennis Tots Tennis Program

Randall Ross Tennis will offer Tennis Tots at Rosewood beginning June 1st. Tennis classes will be scheduled  on Wed and Thurs. Ages 2-3  Wed. 9am-10am and Ages 4-5 from 10am-11am.  Class will meet for 30-45 minutes and are limited to 6 students. The monthly fee is $48. Parents can sign-up and pay at  For questions, call Randall directly at 214-542-7981 or email to   Randall Ross Tennis Tots is a highly effective program for young children offered conveniently at school.

Tennis Tots is a complete learning environment for your child’s development of tennis and complex motor skills. Its a great foundation on which children can build advanced tennis skills as they grow and get stronger. At class,  there is an emphasis on body movement repetition to create muscle memory and strength.  The class includes tennis related games competitions and mini-tennis to keep students engaged and having fun. 

Randall Ross Tennis at Walnut Hill Rec Center

Randall Ross Tennis also offers tennis lessons and clinics for children and adults at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center near-by at Midway and Walnut Hill Rds. Featured at the Rec Center is “Tennis Tots” an indoor program for very young children and  The Tom Thumb Tennis Club which is an open gym experience for ages 1-4. 

About Randall Ross Tennis

Randall Ross has 30 years of tennis experience and 20 years of business experience. For the last four years Randall Ross Tennis has been developing T-REPS, a specialized tennis program for Pre-School and Elementary schools with no tennis court required. Randall Ross Tennis is currently providing tennis programs at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center, Preston Elementary School, and St Monica’s School. Randall was a nationally ranked junior and SEC Champion while playing at the University of Kentucky. Most unique in Randall’s background is his association with Jimmy Connors one of Tennis’s most accomplished professionals. Randall grew-up playing tennis with Jimmy in his backyard and on the Tennis Team at Assumption High School in Illinois. Randall spent 20 years in corporate marketing in San Francisco and has returned to tennis to develop innovative tennis training for schools and very young children.