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Rosewood Tennis Sign-up Form
Please complete this "Form", complete the " BUY THIS" transaction,  and then click the "SUBMIT" button below.  You will not be registered unless you complete the process above.  Once you have succesfully completed the registration and payment process above, and clicked the "SUBMIT" button,  you will receive a 'Confirmation"email  to confirm that you are registered.  You must complet a separate form for each child registered
Select Class:  
Please complete a separate form for each class/child.  Thank You.

Must click the "Submit" button below to register
Student Name:                                        Age:                 Birthday:.
Fathers Name:                                        Mothers Name:
Fathers Cell No:                                     Mothers Cell No:
Fathers Email:                                        Mothers Email:
Once you have entered the Paypal site to pay with a credit or debit card click the "Check Out" button then select the option "Pay with credit or debit card, or Paypal credit"
COST:  $48 per month.
(20% sibling discount returned after payment)
Wed. 9am-10an Ages 2-3
Wed. 10am-11am Ages 4-5